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Dell Servers
Our UK Dedicated Servers are hosted in an enterprise class Datacentre in Kent Science Park, Kent. With 100Mbit links as standard, and Bandwidth starting from 5000Gb/mo, we offer
fast, reliable services. Click order now to customise your
chosen server.

Dedicated Server Options

Specification Srv 1 Srv 2 Srv 3
CPU Intel Core i3 2.9Ghz Intel Core2Quad 2.4Ghz Core i7 2.67Ghz
Ram 4GB 8GB 8GB
HDD 500Gb 500Gb 500Gb
Price From £69.99 £108.99 £139.99
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UK Dedicated Servers

Our Dedicated Server Solutions provide the ultimate platform to host your websites or applications. Whether you require Linux or Windows, we have the solution for you. With quick setup times, and a stable network, you never have to worry about your server being unavailable. If you're not technically minded, or if you just want to step back and concentrate on your website, or your applications, why not let us deal with the server management for you? Our range of management options are competitively priced, and can be added on to any dedicated server package.
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